The challenge of any good writer is to see the vision and direction of their Client. It\'s not an easy task! I\'m impressed at Lauren\'s ability to adapt quickly. She is creative, perceptive, intuitive, and timely. I would recommend others give her the chance to work her magic.

William Dennill, Vice President
OPACITY Design Group Limited

I have known Lauren Kramer for seven years. In that time, she has become a reliable go-to writer especially when stories need to be turned around quickly. She doesn't fret and moan, she just picks up the phone and starts working. She seems to be able to handle any subject with equal ease and her work never has loose ends or unresolved issues. Because of her extreme professionalism, I would recommend Lauren Kramer to any editor.

Les. Wiseman,
Editor --Award Magazine, Pacific Golf, Grocer Today, Alberta Golf

Lauren is a regular freelance writer for SeaFood Business, published by Diversified Business Communications. No matter the topic, Lauren is an extremely dependable freelancer writer who produces well-written, concise articles that are fully researched. She doesn't hesitate to call me to discuss articles she's working on, she meets deadlines and is quick to answer questions during the editing process. Assigning stories to Lauren is an easy decision.

Fiona Robinson, Editor in Chief
SeaFood Business

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